Stackhouse Athletic has always believed that safety is the highest priority in any sport. Stackhouse offers a series of padding for this very purpose. By padding walls, poles, beams and other hard surfaces, you are decreasing the possibility for injury. Padding is most commonly applied in gyms, wrestling rooms and other activity areas. Whether inside or outside, Stackhouse has the padding for all of your needs. See below for Stackhouse padding applications, and if you don't see what you need, please feel free to call your local dealer with your specific requirements.

Please contact your dealer for pads and mats pricing.


Wall Pads

Whether you’re covering four walls corner-to-corner in a wrestling room, or a wall behind a basketball hoop, our standard wallpads can be made to fit any room. All of our wall pads are made of foam bonded to 7/16" high density oriented strand board (OSB) and covered with 14 oz. vinyl that is folded and stapled to the back of the strand board. 1" lip at the top and bottom of each pad make for easy mounting to any surface. (Mounting hardware provided by installer or end user.) Vinyl is available in colors shown in graph. Special sizes and cut-outs available upon request.

Description Code Size Weight
1 1/4" Urethane Foam
2' x 5'
2' x 6'
2' x 7'
19 lbs.
22 lbs.
25 lbs.
2" Urethane Foam
2' x 5'
2' x 6'
2' x 7'
22 lbs.
24 lbs.
26 lbs.
1 1/4" Ethafoam
2' x 5'
2' x 6'
2' x 7'
19 lbs.
22 lbs.
25 lbs.
6" x 6" x 5'
6" x 6" x 6'
6" x 6" x 7'
10 lbs.
12 lbs.
14 lbs.
WCO -- --
Stage Pad
ESP 6' min. --

Available Colors >

Velstick Wall Attachment

WVWA - Velstick Wall Attachment

Z-BAR Mounting System

With the Z-bar/Z-clip mounting system you eliminate the top 1" mounting lip for a smoother look. This also allows your pads to be removed easier in case of vandalism or other reasons. For wood-backed pads only. Call for details.

WZBWA - Z-BAR Mounting bar for wall

WZCWA - Z-CLIP Mounting clip for wall pad

Climbing Wall Pads

Safety pads for climbing walls available in various sizes to accommodate different needs. Pads made in a folding formation in order to form around climbing walls easily. Contact dealer for pricing.

Wall/Floor Mats

Stackhouse carries both folding and slab style mats for all variations of wall protection. Made of either urethane foam or etha-foam these mats will meet all of your wall protection needs. Contact dealer for pricing.

UFM - Folding Mats

USM - Slab Mats

EFM - Folding Mats

Custom Products

If you're seeking to cover a pilaster, post, doors or any other object, Stackhouse has the pads for you. We can make pads to fit any application. Contact dealer for pricing.

Custom Pads Custom Pads Custom Pads
Custom Graphics

Whether you want your school name or school logo, Stackhouse can customize our pads for your needs. Because of the variations in graphics and needs, each job will be approached differently. Please contact your local dealer or Stackhouse with your questions. Contact dealer for pricing.

Custom Graphics

WPL2 - 1-color 2' letter

WPL2-2 - 2-color 2' letter

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